Compare the ways in which Frankenstein’s monster and Caliban are presented as victims of circumstance in Frankenstein and the tempest.   In both the texts, Frankenstein and The tempest, Characters are depicted as victims of circumstance. A victim of circumstance is an individual who suffers from consequences that are not the fault of the character […]

Compare the ways in which Frankenstein’s monster and Caliban are presented as victims of circumstance in Frankenstein and the Tempest. PLAN P- point, E-evidence, A-analysis, C-comparison, C-context INTRO The author’s of the Tempest and Frankenstein have presented the characters Caliban and Frankenstein’s monster as victims of circumstance through the use of multiple language features, with […]

Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence: The authors of Frankenstein and The Tempest both employ imagery to depict the harsh reality that Frankenstein’s monster and Caliban face every day through no fault of their own. F: image of a beautiful Adam which morphs into that of a fallen angel (a demon). Shows the pain of the monster […]

Auther miller uses a detailed description of the setting to create symbolic connections between the setting and traditional ideologies that are held to it for example “the narrow window” that streamed light through its “leaded panes”.  The use of a small window is important as it gives the room a feeling of simplicity. The use of […]

In both the falling leaves and futility, there is an underlying theme of death. The theme runs its course through each poem. For example in the “The falling leaves”, “brown leaves dropping from their tree” is used as a metaphor for the soldiers dying. The metaphor is very important as it gives a sense of […]

The Dream Chaser     The room was ripped apart and dragged towards the void. He swam, navigating his way through the wormhole, narrowly avoiding the book-shelf and the books that followed. A connected display of colours spread through the wormhole. The stars were shining brightly as he gazed upon the universe in all its […]

Torture   Torture is a very controversial topic. When questioned, the vast majority of people believe there should be clear laws against the use of torture. However, over a third believe that torture can be justified in some cases to protect the public, but what is torture? Torture can be described as the action or practice of […]

Narrative Writing   I had worked there for years, and year after year the ploughs ran deeper. I remember the first time vividly. It was on a foggy winters morning, I was armed with a thick black jumper accompanied by light blue overalls so worn they appeared stone washed. It was early in the morning, […]

Text Response Dear Isabelle Kerr I am writing to respond and give my opinion towards your article on slang. I agree with some aspects of your article, words like “Twerking, selfie and unlike” do not give an accurate representation of youth culture. These additions to the Oxford dictionary are social trends. The word selfie means […]

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